25 Facts of April 15, 1912 in Today’s History

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25 Facts of April 15, 1912  in Today’s History

Date April 15, 1912 marked the largest in the history of maritime disaster of the XX century – in the Atlantic on the way from Southampton (United Kingdom) to New York (USA)

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bumping into an iceberg sank the largest passenger liner “Titanic.”

The history of “Titanic”, legends of the ship, surrounded by many mysteries and myths that are widely known and not so. Here are some amazing facts about this legendary ship.

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25. The first film of the “Titanic” was filmed in less than a month after the disaster, and the main role in it played by an actress, survived the shipwreck.

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24. Kim Ir Sen, North Korea’s leader, was born on the day of the death of the liner.

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23. On board the ship were 12 dogs, three of them survived. The photo is one of them.

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22. The remains of “Titanic” have been found only in ’73 after the disaster.

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21. Kate Winslet starred in the movie “Titanic” (1997), she said that she did not like the song My Heart Will Go On. The actress even confessed that her cringe when she hears the music.

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20. In fact, modern ships more chances to meet an iceberg than it was in “Titanic.”

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19. Iceberg, which ran the ship (pictured) began his journey of about two thousand years ago.

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18. None of the 30 engineers of the ship survived. They remained in the engine room and supports the work of steam engines for as long as possible, so that we can save the rest of the passengers. In the photo the engine room of “Titanic.”

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17. The lifeboat liner can fit more than half of the passengers, but barely a third of them actually managed to do it.

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16. 13 pairs of newlyweds went to the “Titanic” on their honeymoon.

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15. The most expensive rooms on the ship today would cost more than 100 000 dollars.

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14. The only survivor of the Japanese catastrophe has been ostracized and called a coward for not having died with the other passengers.

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13. Although the ship could stay afloat with four flooded compartments in a row, in the fateful night six of them were damaged.

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12. In “Titanic”, none of the liner in history has never been sunk by an iceberg.

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11. The founder of the chocolate factory, Hershey’s Chocolate Milton Hershi canceled my reservation at the last minute due to urgent business meetings.

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10. “Titanic” was so huge that sank as much as 2 hours and 40 minutes.

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9. “Titanic” before the collision. From the moment when the lookouts spotted the iceberg, to change the course of the team went 30 seconds. Had it not been for the delay, the collision could have been avoided.

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8. There is a theory that the main cause of death of the “Titanic” was the effect of ice mirage, hiding from watching real shape of the iceberg, thereby not allowing time to prevent a catastrophe. This is indirectly evidenced by the testimony of survivors, who told about the incredibly bright stars in the night.

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7. The chef A la Carte drank so much alcohol that you could sustain a terrible cold Atlantic for two hours.

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6. The film “Titanic” in 1997 had a much larger budget than the construction of the ship.

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5. The musicians played for several hours until the ship sank. They all died.

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4. The fourth chimney “Titanic” was decorative, and served as a fan.

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3. Common in “White Star Line” Sunday boat exercise was canceled due to strong winds and high vessel speeds.

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2. The aircraft was so great that only in order to throw coal into the furnace stoves, required 176 people.

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1. “Titanic” came out its own newspaper – “Antlantik Daily Bulletin”.

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