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Hey! I’m Ashish, a fashion designer, and blogger from India. I’m a fashion design graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. As a fashion designer, I love to help people and share my fashion knowledge. So I started this blog Love Beats in 2020 to share my ideas, projects, inspirations, and experience.

I personally write every post which varies from fashion to lifestyle to trends to self-help and then some more. Basically in love beats fashion, there are outfit posts, fashion trends, jewelry and accessories, other fashion related events and whatever else that seems to catch my fancy at the time!

The blog has 4 main categories:

Fashion– This section pertains to collections, designers, jewelry, trends, shoes and unique areas of inspiration.

Lifestyle– In this category, I mostly share my views and useful tips for our daily life I think good habits and care imroves our lifestyle. basically I could be related to beauty, way of living or anything which I found interesting and good for life, I talk about in my posts.

How to-. This section is very helpful for people who always find a way or method to do things by themselves. or want to learn new things. I always try to share things that I learn from somewhere or by my experience.

Self-Help– OK this is a small category of my blog, I added this because I really love to help people. I share motivational stories, quotes and helpful articles regarding self-help.This is not my expertise, So It’s my request to read this section only for entertainment purposes basically what I feel and think, I share. ,

I also want to give thanks to my readers and followers who support me every single day which motivates me to make a better effort towards my FASHION AND LIFESTYLE blog.

Write to me at ashishverma061988@gmail.com
Alternatively, You can reach me on these Social Media Networks: @labelashishkumar

My other blogs are-

  1. https://www.labelashishkumar.com/
  2. https://labelashishkumar.blogspot.com/