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Advertise With Us

Love Beats is a fast Growing Indian fashion and Lifestyle blog, offers you the opportunity to connect with our monthly highly-engaged audience of over 60k from countries Like India, Canada and United States.

If you are a Business owner or Blogger you can contact us for Brand/Blog promotion with our targeted audience that converts.
Yes I’m saying we can grow together.

Promotion and Pricing

  • Sponsored content: 30-100$
  • Guest post: 10-20$
  • Banner ads for 1 month- 20$ (Sidebar)
  • Banner ads for 1 month- 30-50$ ( In- Article)
  • Banner ads before and after content- 30$

Note- If you want to link your Brand in articles. a Fixed price is 5$ ( One Link) for 6 month.

If you think our Blog lovebeats.org is right place to Promote your Products and Services, Please contact me at- ashishverma061988@gmail.com

Thank you