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Best Blouse Design for Net Saree: A Style Guide for Women

Best Blouse Design for Net Saree: A Style Guide for Women

How to Select Best Blouse Design with Net Saree

Best Blouse Design for Net Saree: There are thousands of designs of the blouse when it comes to matching a blouse design with net saree, you always get confused right? So today we are here with a style guide to select the best blouse design for net saree.

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Just as the winter starts announcing its arrival with the chilly winds and the prick in the air, it is exactly the time for the much-awaited festivities and parties. And what better an occasion can there be, especially in India, than the grand marriage parties or other such high rated social dos that you HAVE to turn up in your best.

Now, in such parties, be it a social, formal or traditional one, if you are planning to turn heads, a saree is the only answer without a doubt. It will make you look fetching since a saree is the only wear that can beautifully hide your flaws and flaunt your highs. Also, a saree has this amazing ability to make you look elegant and sexy both at the same time without being loud.

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Best Blouse Design for Net Saree guide

How to choose the right blouse for yourself?

For the past few years there has been a rising demand for the net saree, be it the simple ones or the heavily embellished ones with full or partial zardozi and mirror works. However, whatever the design or pattern is, it must be unanimously admitted that the most important aspect of a saree and its drape is the accompanying blouse with it.

It can totally make or break your look and therefore, choosing the right blouse design with a net saree is a very crucial decision, more so if you are planning for a big occasion. The best thing to do here is either to consult a designer or, if you are a bit experimental at heart, you can put together your own blouse material to create your own customized blouse.

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What goes best with what and how to design it?

Starting from the very material, color, and cut of the blouse and right down to the laces and other accessories, every aspect plays a huge role for your entire get up. You need to get the exact shade for your material, either you want to go for a mix and match or contrast look or stick to the same color palette. The cut has to be such that it fits your body type and image and also, at the same time, helps you to flaunt your assets.

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It must not get too loud or telling while at the same time creates a subtle appeal since the net saree itself is a transparent outfit. Naturally, there is a huge scope for experimentation and imagination at work while designing the blouse for your net saree. In fact, there are a wide variety of options available for the net blouse designs since you can opt for a net on net combination or go for a bit of a contrasted look with a net on satin or net on silk combination.

Contrast or matching: the big question

Now, if your saree is of a singular shade and is a rather plain one, you can spice it up with a heavily embroidered silk or velvet blouse with lots of bling on it. You can go for floral patterns or abstract ones as a background palette. However, one important that must be kept in mind is that if you are not opting for the same shade combination for your saree and blouse, then it would be wise to contrast the two shades with a dark and light color palette.

Again, you can also go for laces and nets in a bit stylish pattern that would draw attention to your blouse. The trick is to keep one of the two subtle, as in if your saree is a heavy one, you must underplay your blouse and vice versa. Designs like the halter necks, sleeveless deep and round U, quarter sleeves or full sleeves are rather popular blouse designs for net sarees these days. You can add beads or laces to it to give it a glamorous look.

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Thus, a gorgeous blouse with your beautiful net saree is surely going to transform you into the ultimate diva that you are making you the talk of the town, for sure.

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