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5 Best Fashion Design College for Girls: Degree & Diploma Courses

Hey, Girls I’m here with the List of 5 Best Fashion Design College in India. If you think, Fashion designing is good career option for you, this post is for you.


As you know Fashion industry is fastest growing sector in the world. People are more conscious about lifestyle than ever. They are spending more money on clothing, food, and household everyday.

Best Fashion Design College for Girls

Best Fashion Design College for Girls: Degree & Diploma Courses
5 Best Fashion Design College

Before starting our topic “Best Fashion Design College for Girls” We must know few things about Fashion industry. Fashion industry is not only clothing industry, there are many sector like footwear, make-up, and Textile etc. If you think you love to create new things, explore new ideas, you must go for fashion design course. I’m going to share some important information about fashion design courses, admission and career opportunities. I’ll try to give answer of your questions.

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What should you do after 12th in fashion designing?

You should practice Drawing, Math, and read about fashion industry and social affairs. Then apply for admission in your favorite fashion design college or Institute.

How much time does it take to become a fashion designer?

It depends on type of course, if you join diploma courses then it’ll take 1 to 12 months according to your Institute syllabus. If you join degree course then it’ll take 3 or 4 year. Some college offer fashion design graduation degree in 3 year and some in 4 year.


Is there any age limit for fashion designing?

There is no age limit for fashion designing, you can start it whenever you want but most important thing you must creative that’s all. Yes, if you join degree courses in college like, Nift, Pearl academy and other best fashion design college they have a age limit for admission.

What is the fee to become a fashion designer in India?

Free structure is totally depends on duration of course and Institute. I can tell you only a rough idea, cost of fashion designing diploma course may be 50 thousands to 1.5 lacks. Full time course Fee is high for Degree courses it may be 700000-2000000 for 4 year.

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Is fashion design a good career?

Definitely fashion design is a good career option with many opportunities. You can become fashion designer, fashion illustrator, fashion stylist, costume designer, fashion photographer and so on.

Which is the best course for fashion designing?

According to me Full time Fashion and apparel course from Nift ( National Institute Of Fashion Technology) is the Best fashion design course for fashion designing. You can join Inifd for diploma course.

What colleges are for fashion design?

  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology
  2. Pearl Academy
  3. National Institute of Design
  4. Symbiosis
  5. Lovely Professional university

I hope you like this post “5 Best Fashion Design College for Girls: Degree and Diploma Courses”

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