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Best Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup Tips | Dulhan makeup

Best Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup Tips, Dulhan makeup

Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Dulhan

Best Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup Tips: HEY! I hope you are doing great, this is the wedding season and every bride has wedding goals, right?. Brides (Dulhan) are looking for the best Indian bridal makeup tips. Every bride would want a wedding that combines the opulence of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge and the style of Monsoon Wedding.

Weddings to put it succinctly, are an incomparable experience. So celebrate them in style. You have found your Mr. Right. The wedding invitations have been printed. The trousseau is ready. The venue has been booked. The honeymoon tickets have been bought. You are almost set to be the perfect bride, except for that confusion about choosing the perfect Indian bridal look. There are a million questions flooding your head.

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Dulhan makeup is important, right? So we bring you the wedding bridal makeup tips for Indian brides to help you through your dilemma and make your wish to be the dreamy bride come true. We hope the following best bridal makeup tips be your valuable companion as you gear up for the feverish activity that heralds the beginning of your wedding preparations. Let’s get started with our topic ‘ bridal makeup tips for Indian Dulhan’

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Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

First thing first– Start by cleansing and moisturizing your face for a smooth appearance and an even skin tone. Post moisturizing, blend well your primer for the long-lasting makeup.

After the common tips, we move to the cues of bridal makeup for hues of Indian brides!!!



The understated bride would want to be all minimalistic and sophisticated and if you wish the same then take into account a few things. Whether it is skin, cheeks or eyes, stick to the skin tone, as close as possible.

Cheeks: The focus to be kept on the impeccable skin, accented by either a soft natural-looking flush of color on the cheeks or smoothly contoured cheekbones or even a sun-kissed glow using a bronzer.

Eyes: Keep eyes soft, with either matt pastels or earthy tones. A neutral shadow with a soft sheen also works wonders.

Eyebrows & Eyelashes: Accentuate the brows by darkening them and highlighting the brow bone. Add beautiful length and volume to the eyelashes with mascara and use false ones, only if needed.

Lips: Lips can be given a soft shade like coral, pink or peach.

P.S If you have thin lips, then line your lips along the natural line with a color that almost matches your normal skin tone. If you have plump lips, then line the natural lip line with a darker shade.

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Hair: Can either complement your subtle makeup or have an extreme contrast with a stunning impact if done tastefully.


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The Bollywood fan who would need color, oomph, cinematic drama and grandeur for her wedding 😀

Cheeks: Keep your foundation either as per your natural skin tone or one or two shades brighter. Do not go lighter than that. P.S Tints used must be balanced on your face. Further, highlight the cheekbones with a well-blended touch of color.

Eyes: Highlight your eyes, and play with dramatic eye shadows and shimmer.

Eyebrows & Eyelashes: Push the envelope with slightly extended colored liners. Lush lashes and strong brows add the perfect frame for the eyes.

Lips: Bold & Luscious!! GO WITH RED

Hair: Have them curled and open, extensions can help you a lending hand with length and volume. Tuck orchids in hair for ultra-Bollywood touch.


The look can be the one of RETRO GLAM, centering around a good, ‘old fashioned’ winged eyeliner.

Lips: Red lipstick closest to your skin tone.

Cheeks: Go bare on them as you already have drama on your eyes and lips to take care of.

Hair: Tikka is well-used her for a vintage touch with a side parting and swept over hairstyle. Bun in the back is the classy style for you!

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Trends keep changing but the trick is to customize a current trend that would suit you and not follow it blindly. Be the stunner at the alter 🙂

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