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Boho Hairstyle | Hair style for women- Short, Medium and Long Hair

Boho Hairstyle | Hair style for women- Short, Medium and Long Hair

Hair style for women: Boho Hairstyle

Boho Hairstyle: There’s nothing sexy than sporting a Bohemian aka Boho Hairstyle. The messy yet stylish patterns give that fun edge to your entire look instantly. The Boho form is far off from the neatly tied formal hairdo and is rather a relaxed form that goes best with loosely styled casual clothes and accessories.

It’s kind of a natural look or more of the Hippie look that has been trending since even before we knew about the latest fad of the “all-natural” look. So let’s make a statement with this chic boho hairstyle this season.

Boho Hairstyle for Short Hair

Wondering how to get that perfect Boho hairstyle for short hair? In fact, we believe that short hair are the easiest to style in messy forms as it does not require you to even tie it up! Get the desired curls by adjusting your stresses with bobby pins. Now, cover them beneath your twists and spray on some hair fixer for that long-lasting look. Finish it with a Boho Headband for that added edge.

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For a messy look on straight hair simply put on some heat protectant spray, some volumizing mousse and finish it with a hairdryer. You get a stiff straight hair messy look that’s so totally cool.

Boho Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Medium hair damsels can look chic in minutes by adding a braid to their hair by taking a section from right behind one of your ears, make it into a plait and then simply place it over your hair like a headband and pin it on the other end. Or, simply let it loose with those unkempt curls and look hot instantly.


Boho Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long hair has options galore, so play with your mane by creating an easy Boho hairstyle in different patterns.

Side Braid Hairstyle

Side braid hairstyle, when done with expert hands imparts that ultimate free-spirited yet feminine look.

How to do Side Braid Hairstyles

Side part your hair followed with a firmly tied French braid or a fishtail running down from the left side of your parting till the end of your hair. Now softly pull the plaits that will loosen them up giving it a velvety and sensual look to your side plait hairstyle.

Crown Braid Hairstyle

Create multiple braids, twist them upwards to cover the crown of your head. You can either form crown braids with all of your hair and tugging them a little lose for that ultra Boho look, or let the rest of the hair cascading in curls decorated with teeny flowers.

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Braided Bun Hairstyle

Form a French or Dutch Braid with the top portion of your hair stretching from temple to temple and then fix it with an elastic. Make a bun of the lower half and fix it with bobby pins. Pin flowers in your braid and look glamorous in no time. A low bun with twisted braid tugged for that loose messy look makes for a perfect Boho chic hairstyle

Twist Braid Hairstyle

Twist braid hairstyle forms one of the most popular Boho looks that give your tresses an instant lift when decked up with fresh flowers or chic hair accessories.

How to make Twist Braid

Form a center parting, plait your side bangs neatly and twist it around your hair pinning it at the back and letting the rest of the hair loose. You can also choose to twist the braid up in an updo or create a messy look for that added fun.

Try these hairstyles and come back to us with the compliments for sure!


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