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Cutest Pet Dog’s Giving Pose for the Photoshoot..

Charlie does not have a hind leg, but it does not hamper him. He enjoys playing with toys and is a very moving and cheerful dog. Also found new owners.   Chef is only 6 months old, but he likes to tell everyone about everything. A very friendly and active dog found his same active family, ...


Man’s best friend

Dogs are often called "man's best friend." And the dog lovely nanny and friends kids. When 25 year old mother Yvette Evans saw a French Bulldog puppy, who was born the same day as her young son, Dylan, she realized that it was a sign. "I looked at the date of birth Farley (puppy) and just ...


The Most Beautiful Horse In The World

Friesian Stallion the breed engendered in Friezland, in the Netherlands named called ‘Frederick the Great’,  Not only that Friesian Stallion is quite remarkable size and musculature, as in addition the black as coal handsome with fantastically luxurious hair. Its wavy mane so long and silky that ...

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