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Dupatta Draping Styles 2020- Best Ways to Drape For Sexy Girls & Women.

Dupatta draping styles 2020: A Dupatta is a four cornered piece of fabric that is generally used to beautify and adorn the base garment that sticks or hangs to your body. The base garment can be a set of salwar kameez, a stylised version of palazzos and kurti, a lehenga choli set or stitched lehenga saree. So lets first decide how your base garment is and what is the occasion or event you are going to dress up for. But, the most important deciding factor here is, what is your STYLE?!

7 Different Dupatta Draping Styles for 2020


If the occasion is a grand ethnic event and you are going to put on gowns or lehenga cholis or lehenga sarees like the ones portrayed below, it is important to display it in your style of draping. The curves and folds that you choose decide it all ! Sometimes the hay-wire format like the first image works and there are times when you want it to look beauteous yet clean like the one shown in the image.

The Image shows how weirdly draped the dupatta is which is going to the head from the long lengthy folded fabric piece on the left side of the lehenga skirt and then coming roughly towards the shoulder and then to the neck and then high up towards the left shoulder and yet looks great! Whereas, The 2nd image shows a lehenga saree draping style. It has a net dupatta that is attached to the metallic silk lehenga at the waistline to give it the perfect draping.

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The above mentioned are the hatkey aka different styles of wearing dupatta. So now you know how to drape a dupatta in different styles and can opt for any style when you want a white-gold confident yet unique look!


If you want to give yourself a traditional birdy-bridy look plus confused as to how to drape your lehenga dupatta since it is your bridal dupatta draping time and want to start your drape only after you put your veil or dupatta on your head in a marwari way and drape it in different ways from there, you can choose to try one out of the two bridal dupatta draping styles mentioned below as they are traditional yet fresh dupatta drapes.

The first image shows a beautiful drape coming from head from right side to the left side of the shoulder and the left sided left over part held by the ravishing Jacqueline Fernandez within her gentle fingers.

The second image on the other hand shows a quirky draping pattern, that is tucked in to the middle-left of the blouse after flowing downwards from the head and the other major side of the dupatta is held gracefully in a stunning drape by the model on here right palmed fingers.

These are the two best ways of today’s dupatta draping styles for brides.

Some more from the same segment are displayed below… one of which portrays the concept of two dupattas and the other flaunts the pretty heavy latkans hanging from the edge of the dupatta because of the dupatta draping styles used herein…

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If your base outfit is a red or pink long skirt with a simple blouse and the worked up part is your dupatta, and therefore, you want to make it look like a lehenga-ish concept, don’t miss out the lehenga chunni draping styles illustrated below. As you can see these are self-explanatory in terms of the dupatta wearing style or pattern, baby!


If you are going to put on an anarkali rather an abstract or the one with a different cut, silhouette or hemline, which can be a high-low concept too, and you are looking up for dupatta draping styles for anarkali suits, this is the right section for you. Yeah! the same one that you are reading! Lets stop the reading-writing part now and concentrate upon the drapes so that you know what I mean, below..


If you are going to put on a simple version of a straight pants or palazzos or shararas with less taam jhaam ( with minimalism ) which just has a usage of sequins here and there or may be blingy beads or may be mirror-work, and the base is a beige, cream, peach or a light color or a pale neutral or pastel shade,

The image on the right side is displaying the zoomed in version of the front downward drape style. Still confused on your dupatta wearing style? Come on , my lady! don’t you worry! I have more on dupatta wearing styles coming up.

THE PATIALA STYLE: Dupatta Draping Styles 6

Now, its the experimental time! If you want to look gorgeous by just wearing your dupatta like a bride from Patiala, Punjab, then try this out and find your solution to the question running in your thoughts that is, ” HOW TO WEAR LEHENGA DUPATTA !?” 😉 The brides below have just pinned their dupattas on both shoulders and left them loose so that they raise cowls automatically on the centre front… Check out these dupatta draping styles for lehenga below…

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Elegant! and Graceful are the words…


If you choose to wear a simple straight cut salwar suit made out of silk that shows richness and want to flaunt your banarasi style dupatta over the same, you need not follow strict rules to drape the dupatta. You can do the dupatta draping by keeping it on one shoulder and leaving the rest to decide its own drape or path. The ones below describe perfectly what I mean and they show richness to the fullest extent possible!

I’m sure that there is no more confusion now since you are well aware of all kinds of latest dupatta drape patterns and styles. All you got to do is drape it up after you select from the above and feel confident about it, sweets!

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