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Easy Bridal Nail Art Designs for Indian Weddings | Nail Art

Easy Bridal Nail Art Designs for Indian Weddings

Easy Bridal Nail Art Designs for Indian Weddings: YES! you read right, today we’ll talk Easy Bridal Nail Art Designs for Indian Weddings Indian weddings are really the most lavish and expensive affairs. They are lively, packed with people and almost look like a festival every time they are celebrated.


The joyous dancing, colorful decorations, loud Hindi music, different rituals and customs make this occasion unique, auspicious and charming. With everything under scrutiny and thereafter magnified with the opulence of ethnicity and glamour, bride’s looks are taken care of the most.

A dream wedding is what every girl wishes for since she’s known what it is to be like a bride to her dream boy and obiviously it’s a wedding goal for every indian brides. While looking at perfection in everything, your nails must not feel ignored as you’ll be noticed from head to toe. Having them trimmed, manicured and shaped isn’t enough. There are varied nail art designs to add grace in your nails which does count a lot in beautifying your overall look. We bring you the most magnificent and glamorous wedding bridal nail art designs for you to do justice to your dreams for this day!

P.S Before moving to getting the perfect nail art design on your nails, pre-book an expert whom you can trust. Also, keep your nails clean and healthy for the natural look. Lets gety startyed with our topic Bridal Nail Art Designs

OK now check these Indian bridal nail art designs and ideas:

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Beads, stones & crystals nail art designs

You like to add that WOW factor in your style… well here is our suggestion go for crystals or stone nail art.

To amp up your sweet and nice look you can go for beads and stones. Available hues for all your matching cues will help you look extremely gorgeous on your big day.

Eclectic and smooth- nail art designs for the ring finger

Highlight the ring with even more bling 😉 Nail art for weddings could not get funkier and fun!!!

Shine on with these nail art designs

Probably the safest bridal nail art for short nails. A bit of glitter or sparkly eyeshadow to be sprinkled at the very tips of your nails and let it diffuse downward; use a Q-tip to wipe up the excess and you are good to go.

Half-moon glitter nails will also go well with the amount of attention you should get on your big day!

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Updated edition to your French manicure

Shiny, glossy and glittering nail art is what women of India want on their weddings. Bridal French nails take you the traditional yet interesting route. Natural and soft touch is added too to your overall ethnic look.

Nail art designs in red with matte finish

Red is the most used color during weddings and it’s the most perfect one too. It’s a very rich and auspicious color that spell the grandeur of an Indian wedding. So nail art designs in red would automatically make you look the most perfect Indian bride.

Nail art designs in pink

While showing off that engagement ring to your friends, you need to make sure that make an outstanding impression of the efforts you put in your look. A nice pink glittering nail color will be the perfect to do that on your behalf.

Traditional patterns to beautify your hands

You are the ethnic bride dressed up in the most stunning ethnic designer wear so why not give that ethnic and traditional touch to your nail art design as well.

Nail art designs in combination

Combination of orange and gold or yellow and orange will totally reflect the mood of an Indian wedding. Intricate patterns can be added on a base nail color for the shinier traditional look to your hands.

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P.S If your nails are too thin and soft, opt for acrylic nails just for the wedding. They look beautiful with the designs drawn on them.

Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life and you are willing to do everything to look fabulous so why not put a lil more effort in choosing the right nail art design to look even more pretty and very trendy. Trust me, they are bound to make you look extra special on your special day.

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