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Easy Flawless Skin Care Tips for Girls & Women.

Easy Flawless Skin Care Tips for Girls & Women.

Flawless Skin



Always a question comes in our mind that what should we do for flawless skin. Today I’m here with some easy flawless skin care tips for you guys.

Normally we come across most common skin complaints that are related to breakouts and rashes and theses are generally caused by the use of wrong creams and moisturizers on the face.

In order to try new creams and moisturizers on your face, without letting a rash or a breakout on your face, you must stick to testing one single product at a time. If the product that you are testing has retinol or alpha hydroxy acids, the ingredients that may trigger the irritation on the skin or cause breakouts, the other things to be used should be kept simple.

For example, while using a cleanser, you must make sure that the cleanser should not be exfoliating or antioxidant like the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Moreover, a simple moisturizer with no hard skin treating agents is a better option in this regard. A plain moisturizer like that of the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief might work better. There are many different and prescribed ways of testing the new products, especially on the skin to avoid unnecessary rash or breakout.

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When you are going to test the product for the first time, take a very small portion of the product in your hand and place it gently onto the side of your neck so that if any reaction takes place, you are easily able to cover the rash with your hair. Repeat this test for three days and if your skin is left unharmed after three days, the product suits your skin and you can use it for your face in the future.


Flawless Skin Care Tips for oily and dry skin

Choosing a product that goes along with your skin is also very important. For example, for oily skin, the moisturizer that is to be used should be an oil-free moisturizer or water-based suspension so that it may be easy to avoid breakouts on that skin.

For dry skin, choose a thick cream that has active ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin. These agents draw in water and do not let the skin get dry. If your skin is so sensitive that it breaks out easily, you should go for lotions and gels instead of using creams which should not be in bottles but tubes. It is to be made sure that the product you are using is light and smooth on your skin and is non-comedogenic so that it will not react against your skin.


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