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Eye Makeup Looks- Fall Trends 2020-2021: Easy Eye Shadow Ideas

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Eye Makeup Looks- Fall Trends 2020-2021: Makeup in fall is inspired by earthy tones and metallic shades. It marks the transition from fun and frolic colors to the deep and moody ones. While trends like the smoky eye continue to be in vogue, there are many others that seem to be picking momentum this year. Read on to know all about FALL 2020-2021’s favorites.

Hottest Eye Makeup Looks- Fall Trends 2020-2021

Splash Orange on your lids

Orange lids in the season of fall will brighten up your complexion and add life to your surroundings! You could wear it with any color clothes, dark or light and the dazzling orange is guaranteed to set your makeup apart from everyone else. You can also add green or magenta pink eyeliner to make your eyeshadow pop up even more.

Tip: If you are planning to wear orange lids, make sure that the rest of your makeup is toned down. The lipstick should be really subtle pink or nude. Keep your hair in side parted curls to complete the look.

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Use Bronze to contour eyes

Face contouring has been a rage for quite some time, courtesy Kim Kardashian, but what is creating buzz in the makeup industry now is contouring the eyes. This technique will transform your eyes immediately by adding a unique dimension to them. For some added drama, use a bronze color which will make your eyes look surreal and will render a brilliant warm glow to your face.

Tip: For an easy application, use an angled brush to contour your eyes and blend it extremely well with a blending brush to merge all the harsh lines.

Bold Eyebrows

Gone are the days when women spent hours trying to get a sleek arch on their eyebrows. The de jour right now are bold, dark eyebrows! This trend makes you look exotic and vivid without having to spend money or going through the pains of extensive threading. The trick to achieving this look is to keep the shape of your eyebrows as natural as possible with minimal threading/plucking.

Tip: To avoid over powering brows, use a gel eyeshadow and fill them with feathery strokes instead of drawing them in.

Combining long eyelashes with white liner

To achieve wide, fresh eyes, make your eyelashes long and voluminous by applying multiple coats of mascara or optionally wearing fake eyelashes. Pair this up with white eyeliner, rose pink lip gloss and a sheer gold highlighter to get a flawless dewy finish.

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Tip: Tie your hair in a ballet knot to bring more emphasis to your eyes.

Flash of yellow under the eyes

#NYFW2020 has brought about a new trend in the world of eye makeup: hint of yellow color blended under the eye. This could be a little tricky as not doing it properly would make you look tired. So make sure you select the right shade of yellow as per your skin tone and apply it exactly under your waterline. Blend it well towards the outside.

Tip: Avoid wearing a kohl if you are going to try this, as it will draw your eyes in.

Metallic Eyeshadows:

The modern women are not going to stop at just smokey eyes and matte eyeshadows. The trend right now are metallic eyeshadows in various gorgeous colors. These will make you look extremely elegant and futuristic and impart a chrome like finish to your eye makeup. You have to ensure that your eyelids are evenly toned by applying a primer and matte concealer prior to the eye shades. Blend it very well to make sure that the colors do not look patchy and diffuse well the rest rest of your eye makeup.

Tip: Draw a feline flick at the end for a chic look. Tie your hair in a sleek ponytail to complete the look.

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Apply Blush as Eyeshadow

The role of blushes is to confer a refined glow to your face. When you also apply it on your lids, the blush will get you a natural flushed look and make your eyes look dreamy.

Tip: Tie your hair in a bun to look effortlessly gorgeous.

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