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How to do Pedicure at Home Tips Step by Step

How to do Pedicure at Home Tips Step by Step

How to do Pedicure at Home



How to do Pedicure at Home Tips: REALLY? Yes, Today we’ll tell you How to do Pedicure at Home like a spa. I know you are very eager to know, trust me, it’ll save you lots of money and time, Let’s get started

Basically there are 5 easy steps for a pedicure at home.


TRIMMING: This is the first step of pedicure at home. Eliminate your vintage fastener polish with some cotton fabric dipped in nail polish remover. Trim your nails. Be sure you slash directly over and don’t slash the corners too much as this can lead to sore ingrown nails. Use an emery wide or nail file to give them the yearned form. Some persons may favor slashing nails after soaking as they will be suppler and very simple to form. I do this first as my fasteners get too soft for shaping one time they are soaked.

FOOT SOAK: A good foot soak proceeds a long way in drubbing the stress after a long day. In a basin load up warm water sufficient to cover up to your ankles.

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EXFOLIATE: One time you towel your feet, wipe in some cuticle elite on the groundwork of each toe fastener and depart it on for a couple of minutes. In the meantime, use a good foot file or pumice pebble to eliminate the dry and rough and dead skin units. If this skin is not removed it will become hard and broad and will be infected or cleft. Make sure to scrub the heel and balls of the feet, edges of your heels and around your toes, fundamentally any place there is rough, hard skin. Do not scrape too hard. Be firm but mild.

If you do not have too much dry, uneven skin just uses a loofah for some gentle scrubbing. Next, swab off the cuticle cream and push back cuticles gently with a cuticle pusher. Use a vintage toothbrush to scrub your toes and below the nails. Swab your feet dry.


Use a better base scrub and gently massage your feet. Scrub your feet’s soles, giving exceptional attention to your heels.

MOISTURIZER: One time you are finished scrubbing, wash your feet clean and moisturize them. For this, I love Scholl Foot Mousse. This works wonders for dry feet. Softens hydrates and defends from breaking. Again, if you do not have this, use any other moisturizer of your alternative.

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How to do Pedicure at Home Tips Step by Step, feet

DRESS THEM UP: Decorate your toenails with a color of your choice. Always apply a groundwork outer garment. Wait for it to dry and then request a coat of fastener polish. Let it dry absolutely before you request the next coat. This will make your fastener polish last longer. Showcase your feet in stylish footwear, an attractive anklet, and an attractive toe ring.

So guys try it today and let me know what do you think about my post “How to do Pedicure at Home Tips Step by Step” and don’t forget to share.

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