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How to Match Your Makeup to Your Outfit

How to Match Your Makeup to your Outfit.

5 Rules for Matching Your Makeup to Your Outfit.

How to Match your Makeup with your Outfit: Any beautician or fashionista will tell you that matching your makeup to your wardrobe is important. No self-respecting diva would be seen dead in heels without lashes to match, just as a bold red lip relies on a strong outfit to back it up. So we’ll learn how to match your makeup to your outfit in this post.

Match Your Makeup to Your Outfit

We all have our own signature looks, and there’s nothing wrong with sticking to what you know. However, half the fun of dressing and decorating ourselves is finding new ways to enhance our natural beauty. The way we present ourselves reflects our personality and individuality, so choosing makeup that compliments what we’re wearing can be the difference between a fashion faux pas and style triumph.

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So, next time you’re out shopping for a new outfit, remember these fail-safe combinations and give yourself a full-body makeover, guaranteed to win compliments and turn heads.

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This is How to Match your Makeup to your Outfit | 5 Rules

1. All-white

Clean, crisp and oh-so-cool, white-on-white has been one of the top fashion trends and shows no sign of slowing down. The key to this elegant look is exuding effortless chic – but stock up on laundry detergent, as in reality this is high-maintenance at its peak. White looks great against warmer skin tones, but don’t avoid color altogether: you’ll need to add some bright pops of color to your make-up palette to avoid looking washed out.

2. Shimmer and shine

When glamming up in glittery evening wear, don’t be afraid to apply a little sparkle to your makeup too. They say, ‘Wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you’ – and with a dusting of light shimmer powder or silver eye shadow, you can create a sense of ethereal fluidity that ensure you shine – not just your outfit. Deeper skin tones look great with a deep red blush and a glossy lip, whereas pale-skinned girls can benefit from a touch of bronzer for a sexy shimmer and healthy glow.


3. Complimentary colors

While nude, natural browns and dusty pinks will work with any look, sometimes your outfit will require something a little more adventurous. Multi-colored prints and bright, paintbox colors scream out for attention, and your makeup will need to do them justice. Pick out one of the colors and apply it to either your eyes or lips. Sticking to only one color and feature – and playing down the rest – will prevent you from looking too matchy-matchy or cartoonish. Do beware of the imprint of a bold lip on your favorite outfit, however – consult a dry cleaner or a laundry advice website to deal with these stains and rescue your beloved outfit.

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4. Nail Varnish

An easy and effective way to add an instant pop of color to any outfit, nail varnish is a brilliant way to play with colors and experiment with the latest trends. Dark nail colors look chic and simple with a matching dark outfit, while super-bright nail shades give life to soft nude or beige neutral outfits.

5. Finally, be true to you

There’s nothing less fashionable than being a total slave to fashion. While trends come and go, true style lasts forever, so always choose makeup and clothes that flatter and make you look and feel your best. Just because one shade doesn’t suit you, doesn’t mean you should write off a whole color. Invest in make-up and clothes that last – both in terms of timeless style and longevity in the laundry. Find the colors and fits that show off your natural beauty, and don’t be afraid to ask others for advice. Most greens and blues suit every eye color, while red lipsticks are available in a variety of different orange, yellow, gold, and blue undertones to suit any skin tone.

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