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How To Style Leggings | Leggings With Tunic, Tops, Kurti.

How To Style Leggings | Leggings With Tunic, Tops, Kurti.

How to style leggings? YES, you read right, today we will talk about how to style leggings. Leggings are an important lower garment for women and girls.


Are you lately in a fix as to what to wear with leggings to a party or to your work today that will spell comfort as well as style?. Are you a true fashionista, bored with the same old salwar suits or jeans and up for some trendy and bright colored outfits to team with your cool tops or Kurtis?. Do you want to know how to style leggings?. Let’s get started.

How To Style Leggings ?

Well, the answer to it all is right at your doorstep. In today’s world of ever-evolving fashion senses and outfits. It is hardly a surprise that newer and more appealing sorts of dresses and accessories would make their entries and take the world by a storm. A very recent sensation in such a fashion world, especially in India, is the leggings outfit that has almost taken the shape of a cult fashion statement.

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Easy and rather quick to wear, comfortable to carry and in various prints to pair perfectly with your outfits, these leggings are indeed a revolution and are surely here to stay. Naturally, it has become a hot favorite with today’s working women who have to stay outdoors for most of the day and for whom comfort is a top priority. Here’s a guide on what to wear with leggings:

Any Color, Any Pattern, Any Print- Style Your Leggings With Confidence

Be it any color, any print or any pattern, the leggings are the new queen of the fashion market. You can team any kind of outfit with your leggings, which you can mix and match or pair according to your color combination or other factors. Since you can have tunic tops, normal tunics or simple long Kurtis to wear with your leggings, it is hardly a problem these days to step out in style while at the same time not compromising on your comfort factor


While for the teenaged young girls, tunic dresses, short skirts or a cute indo style outfit with leggings of bright colors or even the latest Capri leggings, that are such a craze among the school kids and the college-goers, is a good option, for ladies it can be a set of long outfits, long kurtas or tunic sweaters as they go really good with printed or patterned leggings.

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Make The Right Choice To A Fabulous Look

However, it is very important to know the right kind of leggings for your body and what to wear with it, depending on the occasion. For example, how you wear your leggings to your workplace, be it the patterned ones or the printed ones and what to team them with must be decided very skilfully as it can make or break your entire look.

Therefore, while in the cold months you can team your winter leggings with winter tunics, tunic sweaters or coats for the sheer warmth and comfort, you can opt for velvet leggings for its bright and warm shades. But in all these, one must not confuse comfort with reckless style sense. Thus while mix and match is a very good option, one must keep in mind how not to wear leggings, by pairing it with the wrong sort of outfit.

Boots And Leggings: The Perfect Combo!

Another important issue, last but not the least, which should be kept in mind, is what kind of shoes to wear with your leggings. While the most common choice to team with leggings is the normal pump shoes, some like to pair them with different kinds of boots to add some spice to the look and glam it up a bit. Leggings when worn with boots, not only provide a very casual and bohemian look to the entire get up, it also has a very high comfort value which surely cannot be ignored.

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How To Style Leggings | Leggings With Tunic, Tops,

Thus, as you might well understand, leggings are the new ‘in’ things in the present fashion scenario and a great outfit for the Indian women, to be worn both as ethnic and western wear.

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