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Incredible facts about diamonds

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The first diamond mines existed in India almost 3,000 years ago.

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the Blood or conflict diamonds referred to diamonds that have been mined areas are not military action. Very often, the money from their sale are used to finance the rebels. Usually these terms are applied to diamonds mined in Africa. Nevertheless, it is in Africa extract 2/3 of all diamonds. Their transportation is very dangerous and requires an armed escort cargo .

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Diamonds are composed of carbon and are formed underground in volcanic rock, due to exposure to high temperature and pressure.

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On Saturn and Jupiter rains of diamonds. This is due to the chemical composition of the atmosphere in these planets. In the upper atmosphere Saturn and Jupiter lightning produce soot, which, falling into the atmosphere, can be converted to graphite and ultimately into diamonds.

 Description: incredible facts of diamound/stunning-diamond-facts-youll5.jpg5. About 80% of all diamonds produced in the world, are used for industrial purposes, and only 20% are treated for jewelry.

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