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Indian Bridesmaid outfit Ideas in 2020 | Bridesmaid Dresses

Indian bridesmaid outfit ideas in 2020

Indian bridesmaid outfit ideas: Your friend is getting married? are you looking for the best Indian bridesmaid outfit ideas? Of course yes. We’ll suggest some cool Indian bridesmaid outfit ideas, so you can easily select your outfit. Ok, let’s get started with our topic Indian bridesmaid outfit ideas.


Best outfit ideas for Indian Bridesmaid in 2020

Now, now, we aren’t saying that the wedding day shouldn’t belong only to the bride and the groom, but let’s face it; there’s only so much you can look at a couple. Once the guests are done gauging and rating the bride’s overall attire (yes, they don’t come on stage only to wish you. They are bound to move their focus to the second most important person(s) at the ceremony, i.e., the bridesmaids!

So we bring to you best outfit ideas for Indian Bridesmaid in 2020, right from the engagement to the reception, so that you can rock at your sister/BFF’s most special days with aplomb panache, while also throwing some serious shade at all the random aunties scanning you mentally for nitpicking!

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Here are the Best Outfit Ideas for Indian Bridesmaid in 2020!

The Beginning: Engagement

The engagement is one of the most exciting events for the bridesmaids as they get their first chance to meet the jeeju‘s family and friends. Also, they get a platform to practice photoshoot so that they can get perfect until the main wedding function. But bridesmaids also have to do a lot of running around to make sure everything is going in the right order, which is why it is important that you keep your outfit sober yet refreshing. So you can take a cue from Pakistani fashion and choose palazzo pants or long ethnic top with churidar underneath it.

Dance Your Way To Fun: Sangeet/Haldi

Sangeet and Haldi are mostly clubbed together in India. They are synonymous with fun, laughter and loads of sweet memories that bring together the bride and her bridesmaids even closer. While choosing the outfit, make sure they go in sync with the setting of the venue, wiz usually, glowy and boisterous. The classic color for the ceremony is yellow or pale orange. However, you can always deviate from the conventions according to you what suits you the best. Opt for dhoti pants or printed cotton sarees, as they are uber-comfortable and stylish too!

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THE Day: Wedding

A wedding is a day to shine at your best (right after the bride, of course!). To stand out from the crowd, chuck the usual shararas and go a little indo-western with gorgeous gowns! They make you look pristine and elegant effortlessly!

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The Final Knot: Reception

It’s time to get your best fashion foot forward for the reception! Get classy by pairing a churidar with sherwani top and high heels!

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