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20 finalists of the funniest pictures of wildlife

We are all accustomed to the stunningly beautiful wildlife photography by renowned photographers from around the world. On these pictures we see the graceful and majestic animals in their native habitat. But have you ever thought that behind the scenes?

Apparently, wildlife photographer Paul Dzhoyson Hicks thought. And he organized a fun photo contest in the world first. We present to you the winners of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Description: 1-128.jpg

Honeybee. Photo: Murray Mcculloch.

Description: 2-110.jpg

Puffins, Farne Island. Photo: Mary Swaby.

Description: 3-106.jpg

Field Mouse. Photo: Michael Erwin.

Description: 4-104.jpg

Bald Eagle, Alaska. Photo: Will Saunders.

Description: 5-97.jpg

Very pleased with the snowy owl, Canada. Photo: Edward Kopeschny.

Description: 6-83.jpg

Gannet. Photo: Chrys Mellor.

Description: 7-78.jpg

Penguins. Photo: Charles Kinsey.

Description: 8-73.jpg

Cheetah, South Africa. Photo: Dutton Robert.

Description: 9-70.jpg

Frog posing, Poland. Photo: James Sharp.

Description: 10-65.jpg

Giraffe at the watering, Botswana. Photo: Monika Carrie.

Description: 11-58.jpg

Squirrel, Canada. Photo: Isabelle Marozzo.

Description: 12-50.jpg

Sculpts snow monkey, Japan. Photo: de Vaulx Nicolas

Description: 13-43.jpg

Fish is the happiest in the world, Cape Verde. Photo: Craig Moore.

Description: 14-40.jpg

Horse shakes his head. Photo: Alexander Pfeiffer.

Description: 15-30.jpg

Eastern chipmunk stored food Canada. Photo: Barb D’Arpino.

Description: 16-29.jpg

Family protein, Canada. Photo: Yvette Richard.

Description: 17-28.jpg

Yawning lion, Kenya. Photo: Marilyn Parver.

Description: 18-26.jpg

Seal waving at the camera. Photo: Adam White.

Description: 19-23.jpg

Just an ordinary day for kangaroos. Photo: Rosario Losano Cordoba.

Description: 20-19.jpg

Four bird strode along the road as if they own it. Photo: Derek Auerman.

Description: 21-18.jpg

Frog and chipmunk, Canada. Photo: Isabelle Marozzo.

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