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Prime Minister of India: Narendra Modi

Introduction: Mr. Narendra Modi is the 14th Prime Minister of India.

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He is 69 years old (17 September 1950)

Narendra Modi movie

PM Narendra Modi” is the name of his movie. (2019)

Narendra Modi Education | Narendra Modi Prime Minister

Mr. Modi has B.A (1978) and M.A (1983) degree in political science from Gujarat University.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi a few years back visited the US, where he met the who’s who of the giant tech industry of the silicon valley and has tried to garner all support for Digital India. While he is in news for his many visits to foreign countries, and creating a buzz as well as, garnering support for ‘Make in India’ campaign

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also in news for his wardrobe. From the time he has pledged as the prime minister of the largest democracy on the planet, he has been in news for every possible topic, and his personal style of dressing and accessorizing particularly stand out. From his iconic half sleeve kurtas to the bandh galas at the BRICS summit 2014 in Brazil, to the open button waistcoat with a full shirt at the Mark Zuckerberg interview recently, he has been an excellent representative of the nation as well as ‘formal meets ethnic’ style of dressing.

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His style is very neat and straight forward as he is always seen in clean and crisp ironed kurtas or shirts and carries his self-confidence, while meeting the leaders and high-portfolio holders of other nations, and in India, while going to various meeting and events. Prime Minister Narendra Modi – a style icon too, never looks sloppy, and looks and works smartly to hold his propositions and execute the plans to build a better and brighter India.

While Mark was dressed very formally at this event, PM ‘Mr. Narendra Modi’ kept it lighter yet very elegant with open collar full formal shirt and open button black waistcoat. The accessory of the black cufflinks stands out pretty well.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is confident in his attire and keeps it very classy. But never being the one to dress boring, the printed pocket square adds the required amount of personalization to this attire and Mr. Modi makes it work with his calm and relaxed body language.

PM Narendra Modi truly defines a class for his age and portfolio, as he dresses in this pinstripe formal shirt. His regular accessories are the basic essentials of a wristwatch in the left hand and a pen in his pocket, which is sometimes swapped for a pocket square.

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Narendra Modi Prime Minister: PM Clothing Style , bandhgala

Apart from the official matters, he was also noticed for his Bandhgala. While the others showed up in suit and tie, Mr. Prime Minister stood out among them with his distinct attire.

Narendra Modi at various occasions in his regular kurta – pajama attire of four-buttons at the kurta neckline.


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