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Organic Clothing & Eco-Friendly Fashion for Women in USA, UK, India, 2020

Organic Clothing & Eco-Friendly Fashion for Women,

Organic Clothing & Eco-Friendly Fashion for Women, INDIA

Organic Clothing: The Green Movement is sweeping the world; many people are advocating environmental responsibility. Many businesses have taken action by developing environmentally friendly products. Consumers can now purchase eco-friendly versions of practically every household item they can imagine, from cleaning products to clothing.

What is organic clothing?

Clothing is something that everyone must have, so switching to eco-friendly clothing can greatly contribute to the environment and society. Eco-friendly clothing is simply clothing that has been crafted from completely organic materials. Every woman likes to have stylish clothing, and there is plenty of styling organic clothing for women on the market.

Organic clothing for women really looks no different from clothing made from non-organic materials. Organic clothing comes in a variety of styles, from an elegant evening gown perfect for the theatre in London to comfy, functional jeans and T-shirts for daily at-home wear. No matter what the occasion, there is organic clothing to fit the style.

Why is organic clothing better?: Benefits of Organic Clothing

Organic clothing benefits the environment, individuals, and society as a whole. It does this in a variety of ways. The following are just some of the benefits of organic clothing:

  • Organic clothing reduces allergens. People who are prone to allergies can benefit greatly from wearing organic clothing. Many skin sensitivities are activated by pesticides, herbicides, dyes, and other chemicals in traditional clothing. Clothing made from organic fibers is chemical-free, pollutant-free, and hypoallergenic. Therefore, organic clothing can help reduce allergies.
  • Organic clothing reduces toxic chemicals. Traditional clothing is made with a variety of toxic chemicals. Not only do the chemicals end up in the clothing that touches the skin, but it also ends up soaking into the ground, which means it affects the food that people eat, the water they drink, and the air that they breathe. By purchasing organic clothing, people help reduce the number of toxins emitted into the environment.
  • Organic clothing helps save money. Organic clothing is much more durable than traditional clothing. The organic fibers that organic clothing is made of, like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton, tend to last through many more machine wash cycles than traditional clothing. The fibers are more porous, tend to dye easier, and are more fade-resistant. Therefore, they don’t have to be replaced as often as traditional clothing.
  • Organic clothing supports environmental principles. The process of producing organic clothing provides safer environments for employees than traditional clothing plants do. Traditional clothing plants also heavily pollute communities, while organic clothing productions do not. Organic clothing helps make for nontoxic work environments and communities.
  • Stylish organic clothing benefits individuals, the environment, and society. Women can still have the stylish clothing that they desire while supporting a worthy cause. Switching to organic clothing is a responsible move.

Organic Clothing for Women- Add Style to Comfort

Organic Clothing & Eco-Friendly Fashion for Women, 1

The millennial generation of women is past the baby boomers that appeared sassy, yet distressed in thick fabrics and uncomfortable shoes. With those days of wearing heavy makeup and high heels have gone long back, you can now see the rising of a completely new fashion statement that includes comfort and style altogether. With women becoming more and more inclined towards a carefree, comfortable and bold fashion sense, there are more takers for comfortable fabrics today.

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The latest trend in this comfort-oriented style statement is the emergence of eco-friendly organic clothing. Read along to know some of the benefits of wearing organic clothing:


Organic clothes are not just comfortable, but also eco-friendly. These clothes are made of natural fibers and are free from pesticides that can harm the environment. The growing cases of present-day environmental pollution have led to an increased concern towards the environment. Wearing organic clothing is indicative of a modern mindset that cares for the environment. If you’re one such environment-friendly and sustainable fashion buff, why not do your bit for the environment by sporting organic clothes?


Organic clothing is usually envisioned as a bunch of dull garments fashioned by coarse burlap bags. This, however, is no more the case as organic clothing brands give many expensive synthetic brands a run for their money due to their bold fashion statement. Whoever told you that nude and earthy are in, was probably a fashion enthusiast who has been monitoring fashion trends for quite a long time.

Organic clothing today comes in many styles and colors. There are different organic stylizing accessories available in the market too. Some ways to stylize your organic clothes include:

a. Go for vibrant colors– There are many organic clothes for women available in the market. If you’re not fine with the earthy and nude stuff, go for vibrant colored organic wear. These clothes may be marginally higher in costs as compared to their synthetic wear.
b. Pick up bamboo styles– If you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement, be sure to choose a stylish bamboo style clothing. It is trendy and looks exquisite with a unique appearance.
c. Pair with organic accessories– There are different organic accessories available in the market to stylize your clothes even more and make you appear even more stylish. Women sporting organic clothes along with accessories look extremely stylish as their dress sense appears as one unique artwork.
d. Offer variation– With so many different clothing styles available in the market, make sure you don’t end up buying similar stuff. Even with organic clothing, you can afford to wear different styles of clothing every time. Include the different prints, styles, and types of organic material to fill your wardrobe with unique trendy pieces.


The best part about wearing organic fibers is that these are really comfortable and trendy at the same time. These organic fibers are great for people with sensitive skin types. Such clothing allows your skin to breathe free and helps you evade allergic reactions. These fibers are also free from pesticides and hence, don’t just have skin-deep benefits but help improve your overall health.

Value for money

Organic clothing is easily affordable and also easy to find. Some organic clothes can be marginally expensive, but contrary to their synthetic counter-parts these clothes are also more durable. These organic materials offer true value for their money and can be extremely comfortable for wearing.

Make sure you invest in these latest trends and upgrade your wardrobe with some of these trendy beauties. This is definitely an investment you won’t regret making! Sport your cool and carefree style to the fullest by adorning these natural, comfortable and sassy wears.

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Lets Little Talk About Men: Go Organic In Spring 2020

It often takes a new year, or a new season, to get most people thinking about their wardrobes. Though it’s still cold in some areas outside, clothes and accessories that are essential for men for spring 2020 are already available. Knowing about the latest trends and what’s in store for the spring wardrobe not only lets you land a style score but also allows you to save on unnecessary costs as you may already have it.

However, why not try something different this spring? Organic fashion for men is one area that has been neglected. Wearing organic clothes allow you to live a healthy, natural lifestyle as well as contribute to the betterment of the environment. Furthermore, it’s free from harmful chemicals that can adversely affect the skin.

Here are some of the top organic picks men can go for this spring.

Organic Floral shorts

Yes, it’s floral, the style that mostly dominates female fashion. However, men can be a part of the print invasion this spring. The lively print choices are coming along with vibrant hues, giving different choices like being minimal or adventurous.

Try out a pair of organic cropped trousers that are covered with a floral design. It will give you a sense of freedom wearing this. Complement the style with some matching loafers (classic style) and a white cardigan. When it’s hot, the trousers can be skipped for floral printed shorts. Asos has some good organic floral printed shorts that are just in.

Cool biker jackets

Your spring wardrobe would be incomplete without a cool looking biker jacket as it’s a classic and has been in style for decades. This outwear piece gets reinvented each spring, and this year is no different.

The spring 2013 biker jackets didn’t take a large turn from the signature cuts and silhouette, which portray somewhat the same trend that was existed 60 years ago, with a different style. This spring, go with a jacket that’s made of organic materials, but make sure it’s a slim fit silhouette with cut-out detailing as it will allow you to maintain the ongoing trend, but with the style and eco-friendly factor. The jackets also have ample space for accessories like the Big Skinny Wallet so many men are packing these days.


Big designers like Ralph Lauren have included polo shirts in their spring/summer collection, which makes it almost a must-have for those who are fashion-forward. However, you can go on a different note from the classic polos by taking the organic route.

There’s an extensive range of organic polo shirts you can go for from brands like Hanes Tagless and Rapanui Clothing. For a good fit, go for cap sleeves, or if you like it casual, opt for standard ones. Just make sure to opt for vibrant colors, as the polo will play an important role in your overall spring outfit.

Organic suiting

Men, formal wear is going to make way this spring after being out of the spotlight for some time. The lighter hue comes in the form of midnight navy blue. Gear up for the season with this vibrant color, or you can go with any other color, but remember to keep it simple.

Go organic with suiting this spring. There are some good options available from brands like Orvis, and the quality is high enough to make you look solid from a distance.

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Why Clothing Companies Should Invest in Organic?

We’ve heard a lot over the years about the benefits of organic clothing and sustainable fashion for consumers and for the environment. These days consumers have more choice and easier access to organic products, and what was once a small niche market has blossomed into a diverse world of environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible purchasing choices. As the sector grows and our options grow along with it, those benefits continue to expand. For this exciting upward spiral to continue, we need more and bigger companies to get on board. But what’s in it for them?

We believe that organic clothing is a win-win proposition for customers and companies alike. By adding organic fashion to their existing clothing lines, mainstream companies will gain:

Access to a new customer base

A report conducted last year by Ryan Partnership Chicago/Mambo Sprouts Marketing found that consumers are increasingly seeking access to sustainable eco-fashion, but found themselves limited by availability. Customers said that they would like to be able to purchase organic clothing from mainstream retailers, but it just wasn’t available in the stores where they usually shop. This indicates a huge, immediate growth opportunity for companies to reach out to an untapped market looking for an environmentally-friendly fashion that’s easy to find.

A boost in consumer confidence

Consumer awareness of environmental and social issues continues to grow each year. Education and marketing focused on green living are making a huge impact on the way people shop. The research, read labels and go out of their way to put their purchasing power to work for causes they believe in. On some level, there is a higher status attached to consuming environmentally-friendly merchandise, but there’s also a strong sense that organic clothing offers value for money. Not only does buying organic make consumers feel better about themselves, but they are also attracted to the health benefits of clothing processed without chemicals, and they like the fact that organic products wear better and last longer.

A reputation as leaders in corporate responsibility

Establishing a reputation as a company committed to the values of sustainability and eco-friendly action gives a brand a reason to stand out from the crowd and helps them build closer relationships with their customers. Organic clothing lines give companies ways to demonstrate their commitment to waste reduction and environmental responsibility. A few examples:

  • Many industrial by-products of organic materials can be used and recycled in new ways to lessen environmental impact even more. For example, soy fibers for organic soy fabric are made from the leftover hulls of soybeans used in tofu production while Tencel fiber is made of recycled wood cellulose.
  • A lack of harsh chemicals in the processing of organic clothing reduces hazardous waste.
  • Designers interested in sustainable and organic fashion are establishing new techniques to reduce the fabric wastage endemic throughout the garment industry, cutting down what goes to the landfill.
  • An environmentally-responsible company inspires trust and brand loyalty, as customers feel warmly towards companies that demonstrate concern for the planet. As interest in organic fashion continues to soar, we’re looking forward to new options and inspiring choices from our favorite mainstream retailers.

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