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Sexy Lingerie Is A State Of Mind | The art of Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie Is A State Of Mind

Sexy Lingerie



When people hear the words sexy lingerie, they have a picture that pops into their heads. Whether it’s a picture covered in lace or made of satin with strategic cut-outs, everyone has that picture. The thing about the picture is; it is not the same for everyone. Each of us, and yes even the guys, have an image of ‘sexy lingerie’ that is all their own.

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This is why I consider it to be a state of mind. What makes you feel sexy is more important than what the latest fashion says is sexy lingerie. Better yet, the fashion guru’s are becoming aware of this fact, as well. We think of silk, satin, and lace as being the materials that make up hot lingerie. However, this is not true for everyone. While most people do not consider flannel pajamas to be sexy, there are still a lot of other choices that can make women feel sexy.

Don’t limit yourself to what you may see in a fashion magazine. These are just suggestions offered by someone trying to sell the latest style. Remember that you have options. Instead of see-through lace, you may feel sexier in a long satin gown with a slit up one side. Either one is fine as long as it makes you feel good about yourself. The whole point of sexy lingerie is to make you feel beautiful and desirable. It was designed to help you set the mood for that special evening.

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Make your own choices based on how the material and cut make you feel. It’s your feelings that matter. When you feel sexy, you are sexy, because you exude that feeling. Don’t try and wear something just because you saw it in a magazine.

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