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8 Timeless Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns for Indian Saree

8 Timeless Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns for saree

Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns: We will talk about 8 timeless Saree Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns Today. Indian women are always fascinated by Indian wear specially sarees and lehengas. The grace of a saree or a lehenga is highlighted by the blouse. Blouses can be made in different designs and sleeve lengths. The sleeve length is chosen according to the figure of the girl and the design of the saree. When we talk about blouse designs, both sophisticated, as well as cut ones, are gorgeous. Here, let us throw some light on the always trending and timeless blouse sleeve designs.


Blouse Sleeves Designs ideas guide 2020

1. Full Sleeves Blouse Designs

Full Sleeves Blouse Designs: Long sleeve designs are the talk of the town these days! We have seen several Bollywood celebs supporting long sleeve blouses. LOVE BEATS FASHION picks Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Kajol, Sridevi and many more. Long sleeve blouses can be made even more special by using different materials such as net or printed stuff. One of the latest designs is to make the puffs on half part of the blouse towards the hand. Puffs can also be made at the elbow or shoulder region. The full netted sleeve with gold or silver embroidery at the elbows is recently trending.

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2. Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse Designs

Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse Designs: These designs are the most worn in and around the word. The blouse length is up to the elbow. The designs and varieties available are quite similar to full long-sleeved blouses. It is popular in kanjeevaram silk sarees. It also goes on well with skirts, lehengas, and silk sarees. In case if you have fuller arms, you should go for these kinds of blouses to hide your arm fat.

3. Half Sleeves Blouse Designs

Half Sleeves Designs: This kind of sleeve covers half the distance between the elbow and the shoulder. This length of blouse is mostly used by the majority of Indian women. These kinds of blouses can be made into a lot of designs such as the fish plate design, puff, and also the combination of both. This sleeve design is mostly trending in lehenga and half saris. Below is the picture of the stylish puff style half blouse sleeves.

8 Timeless Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns, kiara advani
Image source: Wikimedia

4. Quarter Sleeves Blouse Designs

Quarter Sleeves Blouse Designs: As the name suggests, the sleeve covers one-quarter of the hand. This type of blouse is a necessity with formal saris. It is not advisable to wear a net or lace blouse on formal occasions, instead one can go with the embroidered quarter sleeved blouse.

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5. Sleeveless Blouse Designs

Sleeveless Blouse Designs: Pump up the jam with sleeveless blouses. If you have the body, why not flaunt it? These kind of blouse designs are works wonders for those who are blessed with toned arms.

6. Off-shoulder Blouse Designs

Off-shoulder Blouse Designs: Show some skin with the off-shoulder type of blouse designs. We have spotted a lot of Bollywood celebs in these kinds of blouses. Kiara Advani in off-shoulder blouse.

8 Timeless Blouse Sleeves Designs Patterns, kiara advani, off-shoulder blouse
Image source: Wikimedia

7. The Cape Blouse with Sleeves

Cape Blouse: With capes being the new trend of 2020, you will also spot some celebs supporting it with a saree. None other than Sonam Kapoor was seen supporting cape blouse design on several occasions. Here, have a look:

8. Strappy affair

“Strappy affair”: Wear a strappy blouse with your favorite saree and see all the men drooling.

Don’t miss a chance to get the look you have always hoped for with these blouse designs! Choose your design according to your body type and your saree and BOOM see the magic happen!


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