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Wedding Goals: 7 Important Checklist for Indian Brides

Wedding Goals: Important Checklist for Indian Brides

Wedding Goals: Besides looking drop-dead gorgeous, every bride must have a checklist to which she religiously abides by. You have your own wedding goals right?. I created a checklist for your best day.


If you wish to be the bride who dances her big night off then you need your designer lehenga accordingly. So, planning for your wedding can be the most tedious yet fun task- everything must have cohesion and your creativity must flow to even the tiniest of things.

Brides are more experimental now, even with their ensembles- they opt for edgy embroideries and more dramatic silhouettes, all with a traditional essence. Apart from that the young bride today is very sure of what she wants.

P.S you don’t get married every day (we hope). Planning and implementation are of utmost importance to make your dream come true. To help you celebrate the allure of the Indian bride, we bring to you the checklist for Indian Brides.

Checklist for Indian Brides: Wedding Goals

  1. Wedding planners to share your load
  2. It’s all about what you wear
  3. Splendor in theme
  4. Fix the appointments way before
  5. Your Girl to Bride Bag shall be ready before time
  6. Next important is Bride to Wife Bag
  7. Wedding Shopping Goals

Wedding planners to share your load

Responsible one who can schedule, organize and manage the parties and functions with finesse. Accommodations, invites, decorations, gifts, catering, etc. shall be a few of the tasks in his kitty. Busy Bees!


It’s all about what you wear

Shopping checklist must be prepared too and this is very important for Wedding Goals ‘coz that’s how you are gonna live through your big day in sheer brilliance and too-much-oomph! Think about, search for, and shop for your designer wedding outfit. Select your bridalwear first ‘coz you might need some fittings or even lose some kilos to get into that gorgeous designer piece.

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How would you like to see yourself in the post-wedding pics and videos: in a cutesy lehenga, stunning-as-ever sari, comfy yet stylish lehenga-sari… So you need time to look your best in the most perfect wedding outfit. After bridalwear, accessories are a very natural extension. Brides today are looking for comfort along with opulence. The brides are always bejeweled and that’s how they must be seen as they arrive. With opulent ornate pieces, blue blood is a trifling detail. Your chariot awaits, Majesty!

P.S shoe selection matters a lot. Double padded soles would help you stand the whole day in those elevated heels

Splendor in theme

Be creative and think out-of-the-box for the most amazing themes for your D-day! Wedding invites, venue, decorations shall abide by your selected theme.

Fix the appointments way before

Having your favorite hair-stylist or makeup artist can not be traded for so, book them weeks or even months back and confirm the appointments before your big day!

Your Girl to Bride Bag shall be ready before time

This bag is the one that accompanies you to your parlor. It has your jewelry, lehenga, shoes, lots and lots of hairpins, makeup kit, cotton pads, perfume, money, phone, something to eat/drink, etc.

Your BFFs shall be handy with this- all the time ‘coz you might even need touch-up at the venue for your wedding.

Next important is Bride to Wife Bag

This one tags along to wherever you spend your first night after the wedding!

This demands your utmost attention for everything to be smooth. Double-check for satisfaction! It will contain items like your makeup remover, night suit, an extra pair of clothing, daily essentials, toothpaste, and comb.

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Wedding Shopping Goals!

“Elegance is a statement, an attitude. Elegant women are women of character with confidence.”

Let’s talk about Wedding Shopping Goals, From hours spent at the gym and beauty parlor for that perfect shape and skin tone, to months spent prior to the wedding planning her trousseau everything is geared to ensure the bride looks her best. Making a shopping list is really very important for the Indian bride to look her best and stand tall with confidence, glitz, and glamour. Take help, refer as many sites as possible, visit a fashion designer- ‘coz you wouldn’t want to be in dilemma about your shopping list. You need to shop for the following three categories:

Wedding Goals: Important Checklist for Indian Brides, 3

Wedding Dresses

Dresses for sangeet, mehndi, wedding-day, reception need to be bought first ‘coz they may need alterations and stitching afterward. wedding dresses are important.

All of us want to look like royalty on the wedding day. And while the jewelry we adorn adds a regal finish, it’s the ensembles that you wear that really enhance your charm.

Lingerie also needed

An integral element that is often overlooked!

You must be prepared for honeymoon shopping too. So, the lingerie part really helps you in getting the best curves and helps you in carrying yourself with panache. Pick something sexy in colors but do not neglect your comfort.

Bodyshaper will keep you tucked in and a slip will make you tension-free!

Jewelry Hunt

After your dress and smile, a statement necklace is the first thing people will notice. Mae, sure you aren’t doing too much. Keep the overall look classy. Opt for danglers or something simple if your neckpiece is grand.

Ethereal beauty Kareena Kapoor Khan looked no less than a royal princess with her natural glow and perfect jewelry.

Wedding Goals: Important Checklist for Indian Brides,2

Footwear Shopping

when we talk about wedding goals, it can not complete wit footwear shopping right?.

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Flat or strappy? Chunky or stiletto? Comfort must be given utmost importance and purchase something that can be used post-wedding too. But for your big-day go for something stylish (heels preferably) that compliments your attire and get you awesome pics while you pose.

Post-wedding dresses

After marriage you are going to wear sarees (occasionally), then invest in a few of the simple and light-weighted sarees. You must buy a variety and even go for a few salwar suits and Indo-western.

Also, buy some nice and decent clutches of two common colors like golden as well as silver that will match most of the sarees and Salwar-suits.

From the pre-wedding shoot to the welcome lunch, the sangeet rehearsals to the big show, the Mehendi brunch to the pheras, the royal reception to the first dance and the never-ending after-party, the big glamorous Indian wedding lines up occasion after occasion. And you must make sure that you have something beyond the ordinary for every celebration!

We all want a fairy-tale wedding that turns out to be the most memorable day of our life. And for this, we must do our homework thoroughly. Getting ready with your checklist and adding items to it for attaining perfection, must be one of your wedding goals.

Let us know what you added or would add to this checklist to make it the ultimate checklist for every Indian bride!!!. After reading my post “Wedding goals: Important checklist for Indian brides“


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