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Yoga for Weight Loss 2020: Beginners, Can You do Yoga for Weight loss?

Yoga for Weight Loss: Effective and Easy Power Yoga Video

Yoga for Weight Loss 2020: Beginners

Yoga for Weight Loss: Can you do yoga for weight loss? While yoga is gaining popularity in North American it is mainly due to it being an alternative to cardio workouts, but are their also benefits to using yoga for weight loss?

Some people are sad because they are underweight and some always look for weight loss and they try everything like medicine and yoga. It’s the truth, none of us are really happy with the way we look and the weight we currently are. And this happens even with supermodels! Ask a model what she is unhappy about, and pat will come to the reply, ‘oh, my face, my boobs, and my behind….’ It happens to all of us as media-driven images show thinner and frailer bodies to be the epitome of beauty and glamour.

Yoga for Weight Loss: Effective and Easy Power Yoga Video

Let me tell you why I’m discussing the topic ‘yoga for weight loss’, All you know, In an effort to lose weight, most of us try each and every fad diet that hits the market. Then it becomes difficult to stick to the diet, and all of us again fall off the diet bandwagon and start rebound eating. It’s a vicious cycle of weight gain, weight loss, poor self-esteem, depression and back to dieting; that everyone (and I include myself in that category too) has experienced in their mindless effort to get thin.

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If you are anywhere in this cycle of putting on weight and losing it, stop a minute and think. What is your ultimate goal? For all of us, the ultimate goal is to get into our dream weight category and still be healthy, right? So why not try yoga which is the most natural and effective way of losing weight?

Can I lose fat with yoga?

Yoga for Weight loss: A Science-Based Natural Method for Losing Weight
The ancients were very correct when they put forward the different poses for yoga. Originally, yoga was conceived as a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for sadhus or sages in India.


The annals of Patanjali described several tenets which formed the essential routines for sages at the time. However, the routines also resulted in better health as they described abstinence from anything rich and luxurious. Simple foods, simple dressing, and a clean mind and body were the foundations of the routine. The routines were designed to help the sage banish distractions and focus on the almighty for perfect spiritual peace. This resulted in a full body system that could not only bring the body back to full health but also ensured a toned and healthy body.

Which Yoga is best for weight loss?

Over time, yoga enthusiasts came up with newer and improved asanas and yoga streams like Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Bikram yoga, Power yoga, etc. which have different focuses but are based on Patanjali’s original treatise. Power yoga and Ashtanga yoga are the best for weight loss. These basic yoga tenets with modern modifications have been effective in improving overall body health and toning the body too. Yoga poses or asanas are now considered to be the best way to reduce stress and tension, teach personal meditation and get the body back to optimum size and shape.

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Friends, you can watch this video of swami Ramdev if you are beginners and want to learn some easy and effective yoga techniques. Swami Ramdev is a yoga guru in India and very famous for his yoga. Many people ask “Can you do yoga for weight loss?” and My answer will be YES, you can do.

How effective is yoga for weight loss?

Researchers at the American Dietetic Association also noted that an effective yoga routine increased body awareness in people. It also increased a person’s responsiveness to what they were eating and when they were eating, resulting in a lesser amount of weight gain, (you can say yoga can be helpful in weight loss). Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine also stated that yoga boosted levels of GABA in the brain. These increased GABA-levels resulted in lesser anxiety, improved mental alertness and better energy levels in practitioners.

FACT- This shows that yoga can help you to get thin, it could help to control food cravings and it also boosts overall confidence by reducing anxiety and depression; Isn’t that what we want

How to find Yoga for Weight loss Classes?

There are several ways by which you can find good yoga classes for weight loss in your locality. Local community centers may have free classes or paid classes. Gyms may have yoga classes but we suggest that you inquire with them first. You can also try online yoga databases which will have listings of yoga classes in your city. Shops or retail stores that have yoga supplies will also know about yoga classes or instructors who take classes for groups.

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How to yoga for weight loss?

However, the actual aim of a class may vary considerably. Community free classes may not focus on weight loss but they may be focused on meditation and stress control. Gyms may have special yoga classes for weight loss but they can be expensive. Moreover, attending a class is only possible if you have an hour or two free to warm up and then work out at a group location. Most people don’t have the time though. For this reason, we also recommend online classes that you can follow from your home. Most websites do have live streaming classes or recorded classes that you watch and workout online. They are usually categorized and easy to follow.

I’ll suggest that practice yoga under good guidance for weight loss. I hope you liked the article. Please share your views on the comment section


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